Me & Product Design

My fascination with visual storytelling and behavioral research combined with being very empathic and inquisitive drove me to seek out work that could utilize my strengths.

As a product designer I get to:
Tell stories though the experiences I create
Let my curiosity and inquisitiveness to drive research.
Feed my desire to solve problems by crafting seamless UI
Use my knowledge of design to create beautiful tools to help people.

What is Product Design?

The way I think of product design is highly imbedded in the concept of design thinking.
Design thinking is a user centric way to innovate that takes user need, business requirements, and technological possibilities.
(1)A product designer discovers marketable opportunities, reframes those opportunities and defines the problem they represent, creating a solution that is refined thought valuation via real users.
To do this, product designer can and does wear many hats, generally I find myself conducting UX research, doing UX design, and UI/Interactive design.

Feel free to download my resume & take one step closer to getting the UX help your need!

Hope to work with ya'll soon!